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Memorial Wall / Remembrance

For those who have lost their lives to alcohol and other drugs.
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Nathan Ponczak

Nathan Allen Ponczak
Born July 1 1973 - Died by overdose June 2 1999

A Little Brother Remembered
By Samantha Ponczak-Wright
Where did you go to, with your eyes so blue?
Were the gates of Heaven beckoning you?
Where, oh Nathan, did you go, my dear?
To a place where there is no pain, dread, fear?
I miss your infectious laugh, Your big bear hugs,
The kids calling you Uncle Na Na, you catching them bugs.
Us playing cars and your marshmallow stuffed face;
Hikes on Camelback Mountain and our secret hiding place.
You were a master in the kitchen, and also at the drum;
Read books like Ulysses and you had a green thumb.
Yes I do have many memories and memorabilia galore,
But nothing can replace the YOU I adore.
Through tears I wept, "get help for your addiction!",
But your pain blinded you of the affliction.
Not one day goes by, there's not grief in my heart,
The thought of never seeing you again is tearing me apart.
Then I remind myself of the truth, I know,
There is life beyond, where we all go.
You knew the Savior, you knew with your heart,
I believe this truth, as each new day starts.
So until I am called, to the great beyond,
The Lord will help me, at each new dawn.
I see you there, waiting for me,
With a big bear hug and new insight to see.
In loving memory of Nathan Allen Ponczak
July 1, 1973 - June 2, 1999

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