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Memorial Wall / Remembrance

For those who have lost their lives to alcohol and other drugs.
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Edita Poljuha

Our Blue Eyed Angel
Edita Vera Poljuha
Born 1st June 1976
Peacefully passed away 20th August 1998
Edita Vera Poljuha oceanroad

The heavens stood still on that fateful day
Some say it was blue, I don't know if it's true
The angels all stood ready to take our blue eyed angel awaiting the word from his father's voice
asking the father if he doubted his choice.
God turned his head away
when it was time to take our angel away
He couldn't bear the sight
leaving her family to begin her endless journey.
As the sun slipped away,
the clouds turned to grey
and the special gift that Jesus gave us all
was too soon taken away,
that's when the tears began to fall.
You were once lost, but now you're found
Life ever lasting in heavens surround
There is peace forevermore
Your heart is pure, your soul is free
we will always shed a tear
still with us, you will always be.

Edita at age 4


In Loving Memory of Edita Vera Poljuha

 Edita Poljuha engagement
Edita at age 21

In loving memory of my dearest twin sister

The memories we hold dear will be our strength today and throughout the days that follow.
You are finally at peace and in the hands of god, who will guide you, love you and protect you.

Your strength, kindness, love and warmth has touched many hearts.

You are a beautiful person that will be remembered and cherished forever.
The memories you shared will always be found deep amongst our hearts.

Yes we are sad, but our love for you will always be with you, as you will be with us.
May you rest in peace and always remember those who love you.

We love you deeply
Your twin sister Melita Hartmann

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