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Stepping Forward

Stepping Forward

Forward Education & Interactive Sessions for families with AOD users
Stepping Forward delivers useful information and support and appeals to a wide audience. The emphasis is on straightforward language, reality based information and useful interaction.
There are currently 3 x 2 hour sessions on offer:
• Stages of Change and 'Balance Pole'
• Effective Communication
• Alcohol and Other Drugs Information

Separate modules can be provided for:
• Treatment and Recovery
• Boundary Setting and Dealing with Conflict
• ICE Presentation
           • Engaging with Families Workshop

Sessions can be presented alone or as part of a series. Each session is designed to provide participants with something of value without having to attend all sessions. It is hoped that some of the participants will go on to attend Stepping Stones to Success as a result of their experience at the Stepping Forward sessions.
The Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) provides funding under the Families and Treatment project. The delivery of Stepping Forward will be undertaken by the 'Bridging the Divide' officers as part of their performance indicators.
There are three core sessions on offer focusing on areas of challenge for families. The sessions can be presented alone or as part of a series (including one of more of the other sessions). Whichever format, sessions are designed so that the participants will take away something of value without having to attend other sessions.
Delivery, timing and group size
The sessions are delivered by way of a community education forum. There is virtually no limit as to the size of the audience. Each session is designed to run for two to two and a half hours.
Fitting in with other FDS services
Stepping Forward does not replace FDS's flagship support program – Stepping Stones to Success. Stepping Forward is created in recognition that not all families can attend Stepping Stones' 27 hour format and not everyone will want the complexity and intensity of Stepping Stones. Some people simply will not attend groups.
It is hoped that some of the participants from Stepping Forward will go on to attend Stepping Stones to Success. The rest of this document provides the agenda items for each of the four sessions. This is to provide general information regarding the sessions and the topics for delivery.
To enquire about Stepping Forward please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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