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Coping Tips

Stepping Stones to Success

  • A course for families and friends supporting someone with drug and/or alcohol problems. 
  • Winner of 'Excellence in Prevention and Community Education' - 2009 National Annual Drug and Alcohol Awards 
  • Stepping Stones is a structured, interactive and experiential course that brings people together with similar challenges.


  • The collective wisdom and experiences of the group is used to work on finding new ways of coping. 
  • The goal is to turn crisis into coping and help you change and regain your own life.
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pdfStepping Stones to Success Brochure
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Walking a Tightrope

Alcohol and other drug use and violence: A guide for families
Alcohol and other drug use and family violence often occur together. Families already coping with a family member who uses alcohol and drugs can also be exposed to violent behaviours. Living with a family member who uses alcohol or other drugs and who is violent can be frightening. It can feel like walking a tightrope. Specialist support and medical attention may be helpful.