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FDS Support Online3 April 2017

Tony Trimingham, the Founder and CEO of Family Drug Support (FDS), has described how proud he is with the development of the first Australian interactive online resource designed specifically to support families struggling to deal with drug and alcohol problems.

The New resource is available here:

This project was funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health through the National Ice Action Strategy. It has been produced by Readymade Productions in collaboration with FDS staff and volunteers.

The resource centres on the documentary film of a family support group, and will be of particular benefit to families in regional and rural communities who don’t have ready access to support group meetings. The new resource, together with FDS’ 24/7 telephone support line, will help ensure every family can access support when they need it.


Family Support Group sample
This is a sample of a video project in production showing what you may experience at Family Support Groups. Watch this space for the full production in the future
Drug Addiction: How To Help Your Child - Michael Miller & Kerryn Redpath (The Exchange)
National FDS Day - 24th February 2016
Tony Trimingham - wecome video
National FDS Day - 24th February 2016
Tony Trimingham - thankyou video
Mulgoa 2015
Interview with a parent
CAPP October 2015 - NSW Police Force
13th Community Awareness of Policing Program

Bali 9 Clemency - Tony Trimingham Radio Interview
with 2UE's Justin Smith 21 Jan 2015
Ampuni (Mercy) Concert and Vigil - Federation Square,
Melbourne, Wed 18th Feb 2015
Video 1. Damien's Story
Video 2. Dealing with Feelings
Videos 1, 2 and 3 are a series whereby Tony draws on his own experience of drugs in the family. During his personal journey and that of his experience with other families through FDS he has concluded a number of coping mechanisms of which he explains here.

Video 3. Practical Advice for Families Video 4. Tony interviewed by SKY NEWS

Video 5. Safe Injecting Centre Part 1 Video 6. Safe Injecting Centre Part 2
Videos 5 and 6 are Part 1 and Part 2 of a documentary made about the success of the Medically Supervised Injection Centre in Kings Cross Sydney.

Video 7 - Drugs in Australia 2013 - What could we do? 
Video 7 was created on 08 August 2013 during the FDS Event 2013 celabrating the 16th Anniversary of the founding of Family Drug Support. This video relates to a section of the day devoted to an appraisal of the drug scene back in 1997, a discussion on what has been achieved since then and a panel discussion on what can and should be done now and into the future.
The panel was made up of eminent and interested persons who are, in some way, connected to various aspects of the drug and alcohol scene from the law through treatment etc. The presenter Paul Barry, is the person who presented a drug forum on the ABC's Witness program back in 1997 when Tony was confronting the death of his son Damien and the seemingly lack of facilities for the support of families of drug users.

This video starts with an abridged look at the 1997 Witness program followed by the panel discussion. 

Video 8 - Judy - A Mother's Story
Judy and Ray (members of FDS and a drug affected family) last year lost their son Daniel to a drug overdose.
In this video Judy relates the family devastation they tried to deal with, Daniel's life up to his death and her own innermost feelings of fear, despair and emptiness.

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