Coping Tips

Ways To Positively Express And Resolve Anger

The following steps can help you recognise an express your anger:
  •  Recognise when you are angry – shouting in a loud and angry voice, "I am not angry", is not recognising your anger
  •  Accept that it is OK and human to get angry
  •  Identify the source of the anger – who or what is causing the anger?
  •  Understand why you are angry
  •  Identify the feelings that your anger is masking
  •  Find positive and effective ways to express your anger and release tension
  •  Understand that negative or abusive forms of expressing anger are never OK – this includes emotional and physical abuse and other violent behaviours
  •  Practice forgiveness for yourself as well as the drug user
Written and adapted by Tony Trimingham from various sources, especially the website of ADFAM, UK. Adfam is a similar organisation to FDS in the United Kingdom and they do excellent work supporting families of drug users.