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Family Drug Support Now Online for Families

FDS Support Online3 April 2017

Tony Trimingham, the Founder and CEO of Family Drug Support (FDS), has described how proud he is with the development of the first Australian interactive online resource designed specifically to support families struggling to deal with drug and alcohol problems.

The New resource is available here:

This project was funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health through the National Ice Action Strategy. It has been produced by Readymade Productions in collaboration with FDS staff and volunteers.

The resource centres on the documentary film of a family support group, and will be of particular benefit to families in regional and rural communities who don’t have ready access to support group meetings. The new resource, together with FDS’ 24/7 telephone support line, will help ensure every family can access support when they need it.

A Guide to Coping


Our family education kit A Guide To Coping is receiving acclaim across the country. Many professional agencies have praised the soundness of the information and strategies contained in the kit.
This revised edition contains extra information and fact sheets introducing the new model of family coping and management and the Stepping Stones to Success and Stepping Forward courses.
This book is free for members. Additional copies are available to members at a reduced rate.